NetApp HCI makes it easy to hybrid cloud

Build your private cloud into a deployable  region of your multicloud and choose NetApp HCI.

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The best choice for your private cloud

NetApp has redefined what performance means for your next generation data center. We’ve gone beyond hyperconverged infrastructure to disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure. NetApp® HCI delivers the benefits of cloud—frictionless consumption, self-service, automation, programmable APIs—and also delivers guaranteed efficiency and independent scaling of compute and storage resources.

With support for open source tools like NetApp Trident, Ansible, and Kubernetes, you can develop, deploy, and manage across clouds. Be “cloud native” with disaggregated HCI (dHCI) for hybrid cloud, AI, Kubernetes and DevOps. NetApp HCI and data fabric enable you to create environments on the platforms where you can mix CPU, GPU and storage to meet modern cloud native apps.

Eight reasons to choose NetApp HCI

As you sort through your options for private cloud technologies, find out why NetApp® HCI is best positioned to deliver the performance and flexibility you need. 

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Putting us to the test

The Evaluator Group put NetApp® HCI through VM and VDI performance testing, determining that our performance “surpassed comparable alternatives” and did so at better price per performance levels. 

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