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When it comes to cyber risks, the odds are dismal: Lost or stolen data, privilege misuse, human error, ransomware, fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption…

NetApp and Google Cloud help you protect and secure your data wherever it lives. Features like automated NetApp® Snapshot™ copies and threat detection give you agency over your environments, while making sure that you have somewhere to recover to.

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With NetApp, securing, archiving, replicating, and restoring data is built in, – making it as straightforward as 3-2-1. Whether you want to keep copies of your data in multiple cloud regions for 99.99% availability or to mirror data to enable recovery, NetApp stands between your data and disaster.

Never let cyber resilience be an afterthought

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How to build a strong cyber resilience practice

Growing into the cloud gives you an all-access pass to myriad data protection and security features. How do you identify what you need (and where) so you’re prepared for cybershocks?

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Google Cloud recovery with Snapshot copies

Want to be the headliner of the next big breach? Didn’t think so. A cyberincident is not a question of “if” but “when”. Becoming cyber resilient means methodically adopting technologies and strategies that deliver immutable copies of data to enable rapid and full recovery, minimizing loss of data and revenue.

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How NetApp and Google Cloud fight ransomware

Ransomware is not a straightforward, or even a single, issue. Your company must prepare for a growing litany of incidents, such as insider threats, malware, and data misuse. We combine built-in data protection with by-design data security, so your organization can recover faster.

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Start building your cyber resilience strategy today with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP®, a cloud storage solution that leverages AI for security and protection, or NetApp Cloud Volumes Service, a fully managed service that's integrated into the Google Cloud console.

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