Get SAP On Google Cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

When you’re ready to move, we’re ready to deliver SAP solutions for the cloud. NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service is now green-lighted for use with SAP landscapes on Google Cloud. Higher quality SAP deployments in less time? Check. Tap fewer resources and assume lower delivery risk? Double check. Stop idling and throw SAP into high gear.

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Why Cloud Volumes Service for SAP?

Let’s level-set. The faster-to-market the better. So why not check your mirrors and merge into the fast lane? Now that Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud is recommended by Google for use with SAP landscapes, SAP deployments experience the same high-speed technology as they do on premises.

Our fully managed file service with built-in multi-protocol support, dynamic performance and high availability mean simpler operations, near instant copies and up to 50% cost savings. Who doesn’t want to accelerate time-to-market by 70%? It’s time to raise your hand.


Rapidly provision and test with NetApp data management tools, so you can fail fast—and succeed— faster.

Enable flexibility

Move to any compute and develop environment, in any combination, so no matter how requirements change, you’re ready.


Your data fabric and ONTAP technology prep SAP for the cloud and ensure the ability to migrate however and whenever needs might change.


Complete routine tasks with ease, deploy faster, automate with APIs.

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Built for performance. Designed for simplicity.

Demanding applications? No problem.

Cloud Volumes Service not only delivers on performance, NetApp gives you the power of choice so you can optimize costs while running even the most exacting enterprise-level apps.

Get instant app-consistent snapshots with Cloud Volumes Service

Safeguard your SAP database and shared files volumes from inevitable setbacks. Cloud Volumes Service enables you to easily revert data to a prior point in time. Think of our space-efficient snapshots as carbon copies that reduce backup time from hours to minutes without impacting performance. It’s all about restoring and recovering in record time.

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Simplify SAP cloud migration

How NetApp and Google Cloud help SAP users cut costs, advance innovation, and seamlessly transition to the cloud.

SAP on Google Cloud Use Cases

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SAP DB (any DB) production

Cloud Volumes Service made the cut as a file storage service recommended for use with SAP landscapes. Get ready for high throughput and low millisecond latency.

SAP shared files

Almost every SAP landscape requires a shared file system for logs, backup data, and to support multiple hosts.

Dev and testing

SAP dev/test teams demand multiple system copies for QA. Reduce storage capacity and time needed to replicate and refresh data.

Backup and disaster recovery

Regional outages are bound to happen, yet your SAP environment doesn’t have to slow to a standstill. Use cross-region replication for disaster recovery testing, SAP system copies and refresh.

SAP on Google Cloud pricing tiers built for your demands

Start for as little as $7/day. Find the right performance fit for your workload and adjust capacity on demand. Draw down your Google Cloud commit. And get your charges on one integrated Google Cloud bill.

Get Started with SAP and Cloud Volumes Service

Whether you're ready to purchase Cloud Volumes Service, start a free trial, or get a personalized walkthrough demo, we've got you covered.

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Ready to light up SAP with Cloud Volumes Service?

Let’s do this. Go to Google Marketplace product listing and first check that you have the “Billing Administrator” role set within Google Cloud. Click “Purchase” to elect the pricing tier that works best for you.

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Prefer to try it first?

Experience the future of work with a risk-free trial. With Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud running at full-throttle, your workloads will wonder what took you so long to migrate.

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Want a VIP tour?

Our specialists are standing by. We can help you create your first volumes, understand management capabilities and give you a behind-the-scenes walkthrough of Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud.

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud. Now available in more places than ever.

Check out our up-to-date map that shows where you can access our solution right now and where it’s coming soon.

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Highlights and resources

Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud can accelerate your applications in the cloud and help move your business forward with improved performance and flexibility.

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