Migrate and modernize Windows workloads

So, you’ve been considering migrating Windows workloads to Google Cloud but aren’t sure where to start, how your apps will perform in the cloud or how much it’s going to cost? Here's what you need to know – and how to save up to 70%.

In this eBook, you’ll get the skinny on why organizations are migrating Windows workloads to Google Cloud, the benefits, customer examples, and key questions to ask.

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Reduce cost

Save up to 70% on Windows infrastructure with Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud.

Lower risk

Minimize disasters and infrastructure failures with highly available and resilient databases.

Simplify migration

Replicate workspaces up to 10X faster and reduce application development by 30X.

Why migrate Windows workloads to Google Cloud

Whether you’re replacing Windows Server editions or modernizing and optimizing Windows file services, there are several benefits of moving to Google Cloud. You can consolidate Windows infrastructure at a lower cost, improve data protection and security, and gain agility.

It’s all possible with NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud – a managed file storage service that helps you migrate and run complex, file-based enterprise applications in the cloud without rearchitecting.

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