Two out of two Kurians agree: NetApp unlocks the best of Google Cloud

Thomas and George Kurian, CEOs of Google Cloud and NetApp, agree that this partnership is unique. Find out how it can help you win more deals and crush your quota.

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Why sell NetApp? 

When you mix the storage brain of NetApp with the cloud brawn of Google Cloud your customers get co-engineered advanced services that help them unlock the best of cloud for the most complex enterprise apps. But what's in it for you? 

  • You get 100% quota retirement – yes, 100%
  • Solutions with accelerators and short sales cycles for faster time to revenue
  • Consumption – Cloud Volumes Service and Cloud Volumes ONTAP count against a customer's committed spend
  • Incentives that help your customers save 30%

Did you read that? Quota and consumption compensation, filling your buckets with revenue and accelerated customer usage. Check out "Go sell NetApp" on CloudHub today and join our community now to get started.

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How to spark innovation in Google

Google Cloud’s Guru Pangal and NetApp’s Ronen Schwartz talk about what the integration of NetApp Cloud Volumes means for customers, including easier, faster app migration from on-premises to cloud.

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Gunpowder finds overnight growth is possible with NetApp

Gunpowder is the solution powering visual-effects studios like Parliament. Hear why Gunpowder launched their business in the cloud and how NetApp made them enterprise-ready in just minutes.

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MailerLite moves 100 million files to Google Cloud

MailerLite sends more than 30 million emails per day and serves hundreds of thousands of landing pages. With NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud, MailerLite enjoys fast, scalable, and secure data services.

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Safeguard VMware data from ransomware

Google Cloud VMware Engine and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP is the first layer of protection.

Cloud Volumes Service expands to 8 new regions

Run critical apps on Cloud Volumes Service enterprise storage, now in 27 Google Cloud regions.

Cross-region replication is a snap

Now replicate Cloud Volumes Service volumes between select Google Cloud region pairs continuously and cost effectively. 

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