Symantec Enterprise Vault provides e-mail archiving and compliance for NetApp data storage solutions.

    Businesses transact much, if not all, of their correspondence electronically, making e-mail a mission-critical application. Exploding e-mail volumes, plus the fact that e-mail is often considered a business record falling under compliance regulations, mean that e-mail environments require enterprise-class archival and compliance solutions.

    Symantec™ Enterprise Vault™ software provides a flexible archival framework that enables the discovery of content held in Microsoft® Exchange and Lotus Domino systems. Enterprise Vault offloads e-mail to online stores by using automated, policy-controlled archiving—termed mailbox management, or MBM—and supporting active retention and seamless retrieval of information.

    The NetApp® unified storage architecture provides a superior storage infrastructure for an Enterprise Vault environment. NetApp and Symantec continually innovate to develop new points of integration and value. Together, our joint solution:

    • Improves application performance and scale
    • Lowers costs of primary messaging storage with tiered architecture
    • Improves use of email archives for compliance and e-discovery
    • Creates a seamless environment for the end user
    • Delivers advanced data protection and security

    The NetApp and Symantec archival and compliance solutions are grouped into two categories, depending on the type of data being archived:

    Learn more about NetApp and Symantec's archive and compliance solution using Enterprise Vault. (PDF)