Career Possibilities

    Wondering where you would fit in at NetApp? Here are some helpful hints about the career possibilities you will find at NetApp.

    With so many locations and such a diverse group of people working here, it can be hard to figure out where you belong. Does NetApp have the career for you?

    Here is an overview of the many professions you will find at NetApp:


    Our growth and success rely on proper management and mapping of finances to the company's product and business strategies. Our Finance operations encompass a diverse range of skills and opportunities on a global basis. For members of our Finance team, the responsibilities are enormous, and so are the rewards, both personally and professionally. You will work with financial experts who are not only smart with numbers, but are strategists as well, pushing those numbers forward to drive our various business divisions. If you have a degree in finance or accounting or are a CPA with experience in revenue recognition, treasury, taxation, accounting, FP&A, or internal audit, join us for a rewarding career in Finance.

    Human Resources

    People are important to us, as our consistent ranking globally on Fortune's Great Places to Work listings demonstrate. If making sure of the success and happiness of employees brings you joy and great satisfaction every day, check out our Human Resources opportunities as a business partner to our business units or functional roles such as Compensation, Benefits, Business Analysis/HRIS, or Staffing.

    Information Technology

    Our IT organization is your Disneyworld, as we work on the latest and greatest versions of many productivity tools. SAP, Oracle,, Siebel, you name it: you can support and implement it here, enabling lots of growth and fun for you. If this is the path for you, check out our jobs in Information Technology. We're usually hiring for roles like IT business systems analysts, business intelligence program managers, UNIX systems administrators, applications project managers, identity management operations, IOP roles, or ERP technical architects.

    Legal Services

    Our goal every day is to earn the public's trust in NetApp. If you are a corporate attorney, an IP attorney (software inbound or outbound commercial transactions), or a contracts manager and consider yourself a champion of business integrity; are good at building constructive business relationships with our customers, industry partners, local communities, or the government; strive to protect and promote innovation; and possess a JD degree, then join us for a career with our Legal team.


    We recognize the importance of getting our brand to the market. Whether you are a creative type or have a brain for analytics and business, NetApp has multiple options to offer you with world-class teams to grow your career. If messaging is your passion, take a look at our Marketing Communications, Corporate Relations, and PR Departments. If growing the business is more of your forte, check out our Strategy Market Development, Analyst Relations, World Wide Channel Marketing, or Outbound Marketing opportunities. If you are a rock star when it comes to communicating the excitement and timeliness of our solutions, check out these opportunities.


    If your strong point is making the link between customer issues and a needed solution, be it as a sales rep or demonstrating technical solutions as a sales engineer, we need you. Our sales teams have a strong work ethic and are well rewarded for success. We have positions available globally, from California to EMEA, South Africa to Brazil to India. If you thrive in a results-oriented, competitive environment, take a closer look at us.

    Software Development

    Want to work on industry leading file systems, provide necessary quality assurance to our products, or develop the support systems that enable outstanding technical performance for our customers? You can find open positions in any of our major sites and tech centers, including our Sunnyvale headquarters, RTP (Raleigh, North Carolina), PTC (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), or NANE (Waltham, Massachusetts) as well as our growing Bangalore site. All locations have what's needed to keep you engaged: smart engineers, cool technology, and games for decompression. Oh, and automatic coffee drink machines. If this is for you, and you have a degree in engineering or computer science, check out our open positions.

    Support Services

    We're known for providing exceptional technical and interpersonal customer care to NetApp customers around the world. Our support experts connect people with technology, impacting their lives in a positive way every day. NetApp Support Services is a great place for you to work if you take pride in making sure that NetApp products are working and supporting our customers at optimal levels. Roles in this group include service logistics professionals, field support engineers, regional support managers, strategic support managers, and escalation and engineering support.

    Workplace Resources

    That's the new name for “Facilities,” but we feel it better describes the amenities we have for our employees around the world. Enjoy making a difference in people's workdays by making sure of great facilities, food services, gymnasiums, wellness programs, landscapes, ergonomically sound furniture and buildings, and other activities important to keeping a workforce happy and healthy? Look for jobs in employee services, environmental health and safety, real estate management, or space planning at NetApp.

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