Professional Growth

    Once you're hired on at NetApp, your success and ours is linked. You're encouraged to take the reins to drive your career along your chosen path, and we offer several ways to help you get there:

    Professional Development: Classroom Training

    NetApp U: Our in-house "university" offers everything from technical courses on administering NetApp® servers to scripting in Perl for worldwide employees (as well as partners and customers). Visit our NetApp University site.

    NetApp U offers a New College Grad Program. This is a two-week intensive training program offered by our Engineering Education department to provide a world-class on-boarding experience for the new college grads joining NetApp. The program will start with Corporate TOAST (Training On All Special Things). In addition, it will consist of 11 courses ranging from engineering overview, process, tools, and WAFL® file systems to deep dives in Data ONTAP®, processes, and tools. Throughout the program, the participants will get an opportunity to meet the senior engineering leadership team and other functional areas they will interact with in the future to help with the overall assimilation process.

    Learning and Development: Classes are available onsite to help you build your financial skills to manage a budget or learn how to improve your management style and more.

    NetApp Communication and Learning Environments

    • New Hire Orientation: Your first morning at NetApp will be spent in a morning session, learning about NetApp, while getting onboarding advice from our HR team.
    • TOAST: Training On All Special Things is a hallmark NetApp function. You and 100 or so of your colleagues spend a day with our leadership team. They give presentations and join you for lunch, giving you an opportunity to meet them in person and answer your questions. Even the finance presentation will keep you on your toes.
    • All-Hands meetings: Once a quarter, our senior management team tells it like it is, good and not so good. They also answer your questions and provide insights into future plans. The meetings are streamed live globally and are available as videos on the Web-Easy access to meet your needs.
    • NetApp Network News: An internally produced global news and information show about NetApp people, places, and projects.
    • Mentoring: Many organizations provide informal mentoring situations to boost your knowledge and productivity. Ask you manager how to sign up.
    • Tuition Reimbursement Plan: Created as a result of employee requests, covers expenses of up to $5,250 per year for accredited coursework related to your career goals at NetApp.

    Take advantage of these opportunities to drive and expand your career at NetApp. (Or create new learning opportunities for you and others at NetApp: you own it.)