VMware Cloud on AWS

 : Powered by Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Imagine your storage-heavy vSphere workloads humming along on AWS, and your apps running efficiently at cloud scale. It’s now within reach. A new solution by VMware and AWS decouples compute and storage, enabling flexible capacity without performance trade-offs.

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Hit the trifecta with NetApp, VMware, and AWS

Two’s company, three’s a cloud

Deploy and run traditional and cloud-native apps on a modern platform that reduces the cost of running VMware workloads by up to 50%. VMware Cloud on AWS integration with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP makes migrations to the AWS Cloud simple and cost-effective. It’s time to extend VMware workloads to AWS.

Lower TCO

Rightsize your storage without sacrificing compute power and keep transformation purring.

Simplify migration

With the managed FSx for ONTAP service, deploying and running virtual workloads has never been easier.

Get consistent data management

Build a flexible data fabric that extends across your hybrid cloud and adapts to change.

Build apps faster

Run workloads on premises or in the cloud as business requires.

La preuve en chiffres

    • 25 à 50 %

    • de réduction des coûts d'exécution des services VMware Cloud

    • 25 %

    • de réduction du coût total de possession pour la consolidation du data center des entreprises de taille intermédiaire

    • 2 à 3X

    • plus de performance des machines virtuelles, latence réduite de 75 % et utilisation du calcul réduite de 50 %

Lay your IT burden down

Ideal for enterprise workloads, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is the only integrated, certified, and supported supplemental NFS datastore for VMware Cloud on AWS. FSx for ONTAP brings the full capabilities of NetApp® ONTAP® to a native AWS-managed service. The features you rely on in your data center now extend to VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Calculate your savings

Try our TCO calculator for a personalized cost estimate and find out how much you could save by migrating to VMware Cloud on AWS.

Webinaire : dimensionnez correctement les ressources de calcul et de stockage VMware Cloud

Vous devez étendre les workloads forts consommateurs de stockage au cloud tout en maîtrisant les coûts ? La solution FSx pour ONTAP vous permet d'acheter et de faire évoluer votre stockage cloud indépendamment des ressources de calcul du cloud, pour réduire considérablement votre coût total de possession. Suivez notre webinaire pour obtenir des détails de la part des experts NetApp, VMware et AWS.

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Get integrated data management wherever your data resides

Now enterprises can control costs and move their cloud strategy forward without compromising performance. Use cases include migrating mixed protocol workloads, unifying management wherever your data resides, and ensuring resilient data protection.

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Take the next step

Schedule a no-cost strategy session with an AWS expert. We’ll connect you with a specialist who will review your challenges, answer your questions, and consider how FSx for ONTAP can help you uncover the full business potential of VMware Cloud on AWS.

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