AI Catalyst: Your next steps in your AI journey!

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In partnership with   NVIDIA

AI Catalyst: Your next steps in your AI journey!

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You have reached the second phase of your AI journey: CREATE!

In order to implement your AI project you need a clear understanding of your data.

Our NetApp specialists Jack Watts Ahmad Muneer, technical expert Clemens Siebler from Microsoft and technical guru Carlo Nardone from NVIDIA will bring the AI conversation to the next level:

  • Do you own Data you need?
  • Do you need to acquire/ label / transform data?
  • Do you know how to Move / Tier your data?
  • Do you know what are the right tools to do this?
  • How do you shape your data infrastructure to be AI ready?


Hermann Wedlich     Muneer Ahmad     Carlo Nardone
Hermann Wedlich
Manager BDM AI-Analytics
and Strategic Partners |
    Muneer Ahmad
Data Scientist and
AI Solution Architect |
    Carlo Nardone
Senior Solution Architect |

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