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NetApp Partner Awards 2023

Frameless, Marble Arch

Celebrating the ART in Partnership

Join us for an exclusive evening, bringing art to life like you’ve never seen before.

We’ll be celebrating the stunning success of you, our partners, and recognising your exceptional talents.

When: Thursday 25th May
Where: Frameless, 6 Marble Arch Place, London W1H 7AP
Dress Code: Black Tie

Secure your spot today at the partner awards event of the year. It’s not to be missed!

        19:00     Arrival time
    Champagne reception
        19:25     Welcome and introduction
        19:35     Dinner served
        20:40     Comedy set
        21:20     Awards ceremony
        22:20     Party commences
        22:45     Special guest
        01:00     Carriages

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