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NetApp’s industry-leading public cloud services portfolio is designed to make it cost-effective and almost easy for customers to migrate key workloads to any public cloud and/or to manage hybrid cloud-on-premise environments.

With Spot PC, next-generation Cloud Desktop service, you will have a centralized dashboard allowing you to onboard customers, manage service levels with customizable plans, gain visibility into usage across customer accounts and review customer health in real-time.

Spot PC allows partner’s to rapidly:

  • Improve time to revenue, including the ability to onboard customers in as little as 60 minutes.
  • Increase operating margins and reduce operational complexity since there’s no hardware or infrastructure to maintain or support
  • Streamline onboarding, data migration, and application lifecycle management support – all from a Fortune 500 company that’s been supporting VDI infrastructure for years.
  • Bill your customers directly for Spot PC with fixed cost per seat per month for blended Spot PC and Microsoft managed DaaS solution

This is available for both new and existing NetApp Partners. 

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About SpotPC

Spot PC is a fully Managed Cloud Desktops as a Service​​

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