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I have been talking to a lot of customers in the South who are looking to learn more about our Cloud Insights solution that can work on any environment and provide you with a complete view on your infrastructure. I have collected a few relevant articles that I think you will find useful:

To learn more about NetApp cloud solutions, including cloud migration and cloud optimization, visit the NetApp Cloud site.

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Are you prepared for the new normal?

We recently had a Q&A session with customers from State and Local Government and Education. Our experts addressed some of their most burning questions and talked about strategies to address current and future data needs. Here are a couple of videos from those sessions.

slide with text: Is it finally time to move our data center to the cloud?

Is it time to move to my data center to the cloud?

slide with phrase: With everything moving to remote, or the the cloud, how can we ensure that we don't compromise data security?

How can I ensure my data in the cloud is secure?

slide with text: As part of my state’s reaction to current events we have added new services to our website like chatbots that use AI and ML. As we grow them, I think it is crucial to maintain a good throughput/backup to those services. What are the best ways to do that?

How can I refresh my infrastructure without impacting performance?

slide with text: We need to refresh our current infrastructure, but we have disparate systems and don’t know the performance of our current storage platforms. How can we get help with this?

How can I ensure new applications and services are supported and backed up properly?

Also, if you would like to Test Drive some of our products, feel free to check out this site.

I would love to do a quick Tech Update from NetApp and show you more on our cloud offerings and how we can help reduce CAPEX and OPEX for our customers.

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