Shift innovation up a gear with unified data

Learn how a united infrastructure can speed Volkswagen Group’s transformation goals

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Why connected is more effective

Rapid data growth is reshaping the auto landscape. Leverage it the right way and you’ll drive efficiencies, deliver on-point insights, enable smarter innovation, and drive digital transformation. Volkswagen Group is already making inroads to connect data and make it highly-available. Still, at NetApp, we’re here to help you create an even smoother data flow by building your agile, hybrid cloud infrastructure.

We are planning an exclusive virtual workshop for you to show how linking your systems across edge, core and cloud can enhance the vehicle and customer experience and help Volkswagen Group squeeze more business value out of its data.

We plan on featuring a knowledge share and solution hack, hosted by NetApp’s best auto brains and attended by your fellow Volkswagen Group peers. To secure your seat in the virtual table, please complete the form below.

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