NetApp Partner Programs Q2 Update Webcast

Dear Partner,

At the start of FY’23, we announced a new approach to partner incentives and rewards, focused on investments in new logos, cloud and services. At that time, a new portfolio of incentives was delivered. We’ve recently updated some of those incentives. Attend our next webcast to stay informed on the incentives updates and what you should do to achieve maximum profitability.

What will you learn in the Q2 webcast?

  • NetApp’s partner strategy and focus areas that address current business and technology imperatives
  • How you can earn more, faster, when you sell NetApp cloud solutions
  • Understand the portfolio of incentives and how to use them for maximum profitability
  • And much more
We are committed to profitability, creating value, and a positive partnering experience. Partners have always been a crucial part of the NetApp team and will continue to be a key element of our success. We appreciate your loyalty and working together we can continue to meet the needs of our mutual customers. We look forward to sharing the information you need first-hand.

Save the Date: NetApp AMER Partner Program Update Webcast
Date: Tuesday September 13th 2022  (45 minutes)
New York: 11:00 a.m. ET  
San Francisco: 8:00 a.m. PT

Location: Online

We are pleased to invite you to the NetApp Partner Programs Q2 Update Webcast on Tuesday, 13 September

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