AI Catalyst: Your next steps in your AI journey!

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In collaboration with   NVIDIA

AI Catalyst: Your next steps in your AI journey!

Date: 1st July 2021

Time: 12:00 PM CET

Once you have started your Journey through a successful AI project and you come across the core phases here are some important discussion points around your AI Project that you would like to solve:

  • How you can select, build, and experiment your ML models?
  • How do you validate and interpret outcomes and results?
  • How can you make sure to automate your deployment?
  • How can you document, monitor and maintain your project?

Our specialists will not only drive you into best practices in the implementation journey, but also showcase great insights through a DEMO!

Sign up here and get deeper into your AI implementation journey! You define your success!

Join us on 1st July at 12.00 CET.


Hermann Wedlich     Muneer Ahmad
Hermann Wedlich
Manager BDM AI-Analytics
and Strategic Partners |
    Muneer Ahmad
Data Scientist and
AI Solution Architect |

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