Next Generation AI Infrastructure

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About this on-demand webinar

Build supercomputer clusters that can train the most demanding AI models in a fraction of the time and power once thought possible. Streamline the flow of data reliably and speed up analytics, training, and inference with data fabric that spans from edge to core to cloud.

Learn how the NetApp DataOps toolkit enables data scientists and data engineers to provision, destroy, clone, and snapshot data volumes in seconds and how the NetApp AI Control Plane enables unleashing AI and ML with a solution that offers extreme scalability, streamlined deployment, and nonstop data availability— when and where it’s needed.

Hear how the NetApp AI portfolio and NVIDIA AI solutions deliver efficient and scalable performance for the most demanding ML/DL workloads, such as NLP and computer vision across financial services, life sciences, and other industries.

What you'll learn

  • Learn how NetApp and NVIDIA are helping businesses get faster ROI from AI.
  • Hear about NetApp and NVIDIA AI solutions for specific use cases like NLP and Computer Vision from industries such as financial services, the public sector, and life sciences.
  • Learn how these industry leaders are making it easier to deploy and implement AI on-premises and in the hybrid cloud.
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