Zero Trust Ransomware Defense with Rubrik & NetApp

Ransomware is now the single biggest nightmare for every enterprise CISO and security professional, with global damages projected to grow 10x and a ransomware incident every two seconds by 2031.

With 61% of businesses hit by ransomware last year the need for a comprehensive solution to defend against this menace has never been more urgent.

For IT professional leaders, the rapid surge and complexity of ransomware attacks presents a number of dilemmas:

  • How should you adjust your enterprise data security architecture and prioritize to face this challenge and be cyber resilient in future
  • How to evaluate and adopt the latest immutable data storage and recovery platforms
  • How to deploy the latest AI-powered threat detection and response tools and techniques for sub-second defense capability.
NetApp & Rubrik experts bring together a holistic approach for a zero-trust data security architecture augmented by:

Simplicity and Automation
SLA / ILM Policy Engines + API-driven automation

Native Immutability against Ransomware
Built-in ML-driven anomaly detection

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility
Cost-effective storage across on-prem + cloud

Join us and learn how NetApp and Rubrik can secure your application data with incremental backups, anomaly detection, and immutability from ransomware.

Reserved your Seat!

  • Raymond Lee, Solution Architect, NetApp
  • Dominic Wong, Solutions Architect, Rubrik
Event Details
  • Date: 20 April,
  • Time: 11am to 12pm SGT / 10am to 11am WIB
  • Venue: ON24


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