Modern Applications of Industrial AI: The Digital Twin

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Date: 18 May 2022, Wednesday
Time: 14:30-16:15 HKT
Place: Online, ON24 platform
Language: Cantonese

As 3D workflows become prevalent in many industries, efficient design collaboration between teams is crucial. But the rise of remote work, globally dispersed teams, incompatible software tools, and the demand for compute-heavy technologies has made this collaboration exponentially harder, until the advent of the digital twin.

A digital twin is a AI-enabled, physically accurate 3D simulation of an industrial asset, process, or environment perfectly synchronized with real-world data.

For industrial applications such as factory and warehouse design, logistics, and distribution, digital twins are the key to unlocking operational efficiencies. Driven by the power of AI, they deliver predictive analysis and process automations that maximize productivity.

Amazon Robotics: With over 200 fulfilment centers, Amazon builds AI digital twins to optimize warehouse design and train robot assistants for better operational productivity.

Siemens Energy: Siemens reduces inspection and repair downtimes in their steam plant by using AI digital twins to predict corrosion effects, achieving huge time and cost savings.

Advantages of the AI-enabled Digital Twin
  • Predict and reduce potential problems with infinite what-if scenarios
  • Improve real time operational efficiency with machine learning models
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs with automatic feedback loops between the real and digital world
Together NetApp, Pong Yuen and NVIDIA offer you a glimpse of how AI and digital twins work and how they may benefit your business.

Join us on 18 May 2022, 2:30PM, for the webinar “Modern Applications of Industrial AI: The Digital Twin”.

You will hear about how
  • Pong Yuen, an IoT services provider, actualizes the digital twin concept by using NVIDIA and NetApp technology to eliminate IT infrastructure obstacles
  • NVIDIA Omniverse synchronizes digital twins through virtual system testing, layout changes or software optimizations, avoiding any system downtime or failure in the physical twin
  • NetApp provides the reliable data infrastructure for AI to drive the digital twin


Tony Choy     Samuel Lo     Tiffany Law
Tony Choy
Marketing Manager | Pong Yuen Holdings Limited
    Samuel Lo
General Manager | NVIDIA AI Technology Center, HK & Macao
    Tiffany Law
Solutions Architect | NetApp

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Time Company Title Summary Speaker Speaker Title
14:30 Introduction
14:30 Pong Yuen The Revolutionary Digital Twin A realistic digital representation (digital twin) of an asset in the built and natural environment can be linked with physics, engineering and operational information from the real world. A replicator generates synthetic data to train machine learning models and apply them to reality model segmentation with AI techniques. Tony Choy Marketing Manager
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15:05 Nvidia NVIDIA Omniverse to Metaverse for the Enterprise NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise is an end-to-end collaboration and real time 3D simulation platform that fundamentally transforms complex design workflows. See you in the Omniverse. Samuel Lo General Manager, NVIDIA AI Technology Center, HK/Macau
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15:30 NetApp Accelerating AI with NetApp – a future ready data platform As organizations increase their use of AI and ML, many frameworks and toolkits attempt to improve data scalability and ease of data deployment, but most fail to address the crucial challenge of data management and availability. NetApp’s proprietary solution addresses these challenges and provides enterprise-class reliability. Tiffany Law Solutions Architect
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15:55 Q&A Session
16:05 Kahoot Game – Be the 5 winners and win attractive prizes.
16:15 End of Webinar
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