A better Hybrid Multicloud: Simple, Secure and Flexible

Date: June 29 | 11:00 AM CET

Disruption is good. It’s good for business, good for customers, and what drives NetApp and our portfolio. This change is creating urgency. Companies need to take advantage of the public clouds, access to better artificial intelligence (AI), better data, and faster applications. This disruption is happening to everyone.

NetApp has Just announced its Portfolio Update, with a wealth of essential product and solutions updates, enabling IT success on-premises and in the public clouds.

Join our Webinar on June 29th at 11:00 AM CET to discover:
  • How to manage complex hybrid environments from one point of view and focus less on costly integration or operational challenges and more on business progress.
  • How to gain the upper hand on ransomware threats and avoid data exposure or loss with intelligent data mirroring and granular backups and archives on-premises and public clouds.
  • How to build VMware hybrid and multicloud solutions and migrate VMware workloads to public clouds to optimize resources economically and securely.
Our Speakers:

Grant Caley             Lawrence James
Grant Caley
Manager Solution Engineering
            Lawrence James
Principal Technologist, Solutions Marketing

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