Optimizing your Google Cloud experience for enterprise applications

NetApp’s Cloud Volumes platform lets you extend proven on-premises systems and processes to your Google Cloud environment, speed the migration of even your most demanding applications to Google Cloud, reduce Google Cloud VM costs by up to 70%, and develop and run next-generation cloud native applications with ease. In this session, you will learn how customers around the world are leveraging the Cloud Volumes platform in Google Cloud for stronger results.

NetApp Senior Product Marketing Manager Robert Cox addresses these concerns:
  • Does your solution have the capability for customers to choose where their data is stored? Specifically, is there an option to specify that data not be stored in certain nations?
  • What are the greatest barriers to migrate highly customized legacy applications to the cloud and how do you overcome them?
  • Our institution is very concerned about storing sensitive data in the cloud. How do you secure data in Google Cloud?

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