Experience the Potential of AI with NetApp

DATE: Tuesday, January 25, 2022
TIME: 11am SGT
DURATION: 1 hour

Hear about how NetApp enables organizations to scale their Enterprise AI initiatives effectively and efficiently with our Next Generation AI Infrastructure platform ONTAP AI. This session will share some of the key considerations for IT decision makers when developing an AI strategy and the best practices being used by AI leaders around the world to manage TCO & ROI of their AI initiatives. Learn about how our integrated solutions portfolio & cutting edge technology stack deliver efficient and scalable performance for the most demanding AI workloads and future-proof an organization’s capabilities in this rapidly evolving space.

Key Topics:

  • Improve your data management - we help you create an end-to-end pipeline with 6-9x faster model training and more efficient workflows for your AI practitioners
  • Enable seamless Hybrid Cloud AI training and inferencing – Bring your data where your data scientist resides and let them seamlessly collaborate.
  • Get a faster ROI from your AI investments – Faster results by eliminating days and months of configuration, support and other non-data science essential tasks.
  • Learn how our partner Quantiphi can enhance quality assurance processes for smart factories with visual AI, improve supply chain automation to deliver high-impact, time-series forecasting at scale and redefine financial trading communications and compliance management with AI.

Speaker Details:

Sheng Thian Hui
Sheng Thian Hui
Senior Solutions Engineer
NetApp Singapore

Thian Hui is an experienced IT professional with over 20 years of regional experience. He is TOGAF and AWS certified and has successfully led IT transformations for many customers, from SMEs to Global accounts to transition into the digital economy, leveraging on the best of breed technologies.

Prior to joining NetApp, Thian Hui worked in HPE as a Regional Enterprise Architect and in SUN Microsystems as a Java Architect.

Divya Varghese
NVIDIA Practice - Business Development and GTM

Divya Varghese drives the business development initiatives for the NVIDIA Practice at Quantiphi, an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company. In her role, she enables modern enterprises in their AI-led digital transformation journeys and make data-driven decisions by identifying and solving business problems spanning across the Media and Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, and CPG domains.

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