End to end AI Data Management Experience Sharing

8 December 2021 | 11.00 am – 12.00 pm HKT

Learn from industry’s experts on how NetApp and NVIDIA’s solutions can help you to build an integrated data pipeline that spans from edge to core to cloud. Hear how the NetApp AI portfolio supports the best in class containerization technologies to deliver efficient, and scalable data management capabilities, to maximize performance for the most demanding ML/DL workloads and improve your AI/MLOps workloads. Unify data management across the data pipeline & use the same tools to securely control and protect your data in flight, in use, or at rest, and meet compliance requirements with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • NetApp integrates with standard open source tools that enable users to automate the ingesting of data from a variety of sources across disparate environments.
  • NetApp enables customers to build an AI/ML/DL environment that spans edge, core and cloud, and is integrated with legacy and modern data sources.
  • The NetApp Data Science Toolkit enables data scientist self-service by wrapping NetApp data management capabilities in a simple Python interface.
  • The NetApp AI portfolio delivers efficient and scalable performance for the most demanding ML/DL workloads.
  • Your peer shares the challenges that they face while building an AI environment, and their lessons learned.

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