Webinar: Automate & Reduce Cost for your Application-Driven Infrastructure | 20 Jan | 3:00PM (HKT)

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Getting applications and infrastructure to work together in the cloud is complex and cumbersome, overburdening both Dev and Ops teams. It is very often that this results in massive cloud overspending because of overprovisioning and wasted, inefficient infrastructure that slows cloud adoption and innovation.

NetApp is helping companies make applications and cloud infrastructures work together seamlessly. We are making Application-Driven Infrastructures (ADI) a reality – through cloud infrastructures that understand and automatically adapt to application needs – so as to deliver optimal performance and availability while minimizing the cost for storage and compute.

Join us on 20 Jan 2021, 3:00PM (HKT) to learn how an ADI can help you with:

  • Continuous automated optimization from Monolithic applications to Cloud Native services
  • Reducing operational overhead and accelerate your CI/CD pipeline
  • Delivering savings of up to 90% on compute and storage
  • Managing and optimize production environments while maintaining SLA and SLO
  • Embracing autonomous infrastructure to power your Cloud & K8s journey

Meet our specialists:





Jochen Willeke





Benjamin Hui
Solutions Engineer, Hong Kong





Michael Nassie
Account Executive
Spot by NetApp





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