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Why NetApp for Hybrid Cloud? We connect you to the world’s biggest public clouds.

NetApp helps you build a modern hybrid cloud that unifies your infrastructure and frees your data to move where it needs to be, so your data-centric business can adapt and change direction quickly in the name of gaining competitive advantage.

We’ve been committed to helping our customers store, protect, and make use of their data for nearly three decades. Recognizing early on that cloud would be a game-changer, we built out our NetApp cloud data services product suite and extended our enterprise-class storage capabilities to the world’s biggest clouds. It’s why Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have all made NetApp an integral part of their storage and data services strategies. And it’s why no one can help deliver your data fabric like NetApp.

Each week will invite to learn more about what NetApp is doing in the Hybrid Cloud. We will also reveal the latest card in the Cards in the Cloud virtual game of Texas hold ‘em on this page.

Week 1: AWS and NetApp

This week, we invite you to learn more about NetApp and Amazon Web Services
As one of the first storage management vendors to offer products in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, NetApp embraces a “bias for action” approach to innovation—listening to our customers and delivering services to streamline cloud operations.

For almost a decade, NetApp has collaborated with AWS to deliver innovative public cloud services. As the cloud storage specialists, we are able to leverage AWS’ advanced features to deliver a safer, faster way to migrate, deploy, and manage production-level applications, while gaining cloud scalability, agility, and cost efficiencies.

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