NetApp Virtual Briefing - Build an agile SAP

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Whether you’re migrating your SAP to the cloud, looking to get more from an on premises deployment , or operating in a hybrid environment, you need your SAP setup to be agile. Unlimited scalability isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a necessity. How can you start anywhere, and go anywhere, as fast as your business demands?

Join our experts form NetApp, Microsoft and SAP and our Customers to learn how to efficiently move your SAP data across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments — with no compromises to availability, agility, or performance.

In our upcoming Virtual Briefing, our specialists form NetApp and SAP will cover:

  • Modernizing your infrastructure to create flexibility for on premises and cloud
  • Accelerate the Intelligent Enterprise journey with automation tools from SAP (SAP LaMa)
  • Freely moving data and resources to where they run best —from the data center to the edge and the cloud
  • Accessing features like high availability, synchronous replication, and disaster failover with a shared storage fabric

Meet our specialists:

Thomas Herrmann  Michael Jilg  
Thomas Herrmann
EMEA SAP Business
Development Manager| NetApp
  Michael Jilg
Director Solution Management,
Cloud& Lifecycle Management

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