Becoming Cyber Resilient

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How to Build a Complete Data Protection & Security Strategy with Google Cloud and NetApp

Cyber threats pose a greater risk to organizations of all sizes than supply chain disruptions, natural catastrophes, and even market volatility . And the risk is multiplying: The cost of a ransomware attack doubled in 2021 to an estimated $1.8 million dollars.

With traditional recovery tools, downtime and recovery costs can be 10x the cost of an average ransomware payment. (We’ll let you do the math on that.)

But it’s not all bad news: NetApp and Google Cloud take a data-centric approach to addressing the challenges of ransomware and cyber attacks using an operating model called cyber resilience.

Join Jason Blosil, Principal Marketing Strategist for Cyber Resilience, and Geoffrey Tudor, Head of Hyperscaler Solutions, for a webinar where you’ll gain insight into:
  • The biggest challenges organization face today, including data theft, manipulation, and exfiltration
  • How NetApp and Google Cloud approach cyber resilience, which unites security and protection teams to offer a more complete strategy
  • NetApp’s comprehensive mix of data protection and security solutions and features, and its robust portfolio of cloud services for Google Cloud
The strongest data defence is comprehensive and proactive from protection to security.

Learn how to build yours.

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