Deploy Demanding Linux (OSS) / Windows Apps in Azure on ANF

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As organizations try to move to the (Public) Cloud, they are often faced with questions such as: which workloads to move to the Cloud, and how to move them. Where possible, minimal changes is best, while using PaaS offerings to fully leverage the flexibility of the Cloud. In this session, we will discuss the technical architecture choices that organizations need to consider when migrating or deploying new applications onto Azure.

We will then deep-dive into one key component, which is cloud storage. We will discuss Azure NetApp Files (ANF), an Enterprise-Grade, PaaS, file-based storage option available in Azure. ANF enables you to deploy even the most demanding Linux (OSS) / Windows Apps in Azure, with ease. With extremely high-throughputs, sub-milliseconds latency, multi-protocol support, and 99.99% SLA, ANF is truly your best file-based storage option in Azure.

Please join us on July 21st, 1pm SGT to learn more about this topic.

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Ricky Bangun

Azure NetApp Files Specialist

Ricky Bangun is a seasoned Cloud Specialist, having helped many Enterprise Customers in APAC achieve their Digital Transformation goals. Any Digital Transformation initiative needs to consider People, Process, and Technology in equal importance. A key part underpinning all that is Data – making sure Data is easily accessible and available to the right persons / systems at the right time. Ricky’s current focus is enabling customers to fully unlock the value of their Data, by leveraging the full power of Cloud.

Wely Lau

Sr Cloud Solution Architect

Wely is an engineer, an architect, a trainer, a consultant, a technical writer, and a technology lover.

He currently works as Sr Cloud Solution Architect in Asia Unicorn Team, Microsoft. He spends most of his time helping Unicorn and high propensity start-up customers in adopting, designing, and migrating their solution on Azure.

In his spare time, he writes blogs and books, delivers presentation, and participates in online community. His passion in driving Microsoft technologies especially in Azure made him to be awarded the first Azure MVP in Southeast Asia.

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