Get hands-on with secure data protection at the June 15 AWS Immersion Day

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Learn how to leverage AWS to be the world’s biggest safety net for your hybrid cloud environment

Life happens, and your job is to be prepared for when it does.  Unplanned outages, network disruption, and the attack of the cybercrooks are all too real. Solid data protection and rapid recovery schemes have become ‘ante to the game’, but now come with the added demands of blending in stronger cyber-resilience capabilities than ever before in light of ever-advancing ransomware threat profiles.  

The best way to protect your valuable data in the cloud is with data-centric protection backed by the world’s largest cloud provider.

You need to be able to recover from life’s unfortunate events while taking advantage of industry-leading efficiencies and near-instantaneous copies that make protection of data orders of magnitude better than using legacy approaches. And in a way that embeds advanced technology so that cyber-threats don’t threaten the backup site/plan that you’re counting on at the most sensitive time.   

We're here to help with a special Immersion Day event. With interactive training and hands-on labs led by AWS Solutions Architects, you’ll discover how to make the most of your storage and data infrastructure, to let you stay one step ahead of those things that go bump in the night.

Learn first-hand how to protect your assets natively on AWS. With rich data protection features you can:

  • Achieve unmatched RTO/RPO profiles regardless of the scenario
  • Build-in protection with immutable Snapshot copies to thwart cyber-bad-guys
  • Securely replicate data across a hybrid cloud globally
  • Efficiently clone data for reuse
  • Benefit from risk-free disaster recovery testing
  • Rapidly restore data in minutes

Thank you for your interest in our AWS Immersion Day! Registration is now closed. Check back for future events. In the meantime, learn more about how NetApp and AWS work together here.

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