Overcoming the rapidly growing torrent of data with Azure NetApp Files

“Bring elasticity and performance to your storage”

Gartner predicts that 50 percent of global unstructured data storage capacity will be deployed as software-defined storage, on-premises or in the public cloud, by 2024 (compared to 20 percent in 2020). Customers also report unstructured data volumes growing between 30 percent and 60 percent year over year.

Unstructured data storage is quickly evolving to meet the needs of massive data growth and digital transformation--to connect and collect everything. Object storage and storage infrastructure products on distributed file systems have also been "increasing faster than ever" because of this explosion of unstructured data.

So, faced with this torrent of change, what do you do?

The answer: Azure NetApp Files

ANF makes it simple for enterprise LOB and storage professionals to run complex, performance-intensive, latency-sensitive applications.

Join us as we discuss:

Oracle on Azure
Improve your Oracle agility with ANF

SAP on Azure
Mission-critical solved with ANF

Azure Virtual Desktop
Improve user experience with ANF

Files in the cloud
Migrate files and directories securely and easily with ANF

NetApp and Microsoft would like to cordially invite you to a discussion on Wednesday, April 20 at 11:00 am IST.


Raghu Melasakri
Raghu Melasakri
Cloud Solution Architect

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