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Windows Virtual Desktop(WVD) with Azure NetApp files (ANF): Delivering excellent user experience at scale
16 December, 2020 | 10:30am IST

Security – Over 95% of cyber-attacks originate at the end point. Gain control over your environment eliminating any threats with secured Vnets and networks

Manageability – 45% employees at various companies say agility to WFH as their top perk. High availability of workloads meet SLAs and provide an enhanced and consistent user experience.

Join our webinar on December 16th. Our experts will provide you valuable insights to deliver excellent user experiance at scale in your organization with NetApp.

Our Speakers:

Raghu Melasakri




Sanjeev Kumar




Raghu Melasakri
Cloud Solution Architect (Azure NetApp Files) | NetApp




Sanjeev Kumar
Senior Cloud Solution Architect | Microsoft




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