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Evolved cloud

: A better hybrid multicloud world

Change your relationship status with cloud from “it’s complicated.” Meet the evolved cloud—a full-fledged hybrid multicloud approach where cloud steps up. No data silos, vendor lock-in, onerous operations, or overwhelming complexity. NetApp® has everything you need to get started.

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What makes the evolved cloud tick?

Peace, love, interoperability, and connectivity

In an evolved cloud state, cloud is fully integrated into your architecture and operations. Data centers and clouds are united with consistent operations. Silos get busted and you can see into every nook and cranny of your environment. Everything is efficient, secure, and continuously optimized to work for you in a world of constant disruption.

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Unified management plane

Abstraction enables unified operations, processes, and observability everywhere.

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Common APIs, services, and open architectures

Consistency allows you to move and manage workloads, data, and resources whenever and wherever you want.

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Powerful AI-driven automation

Intelligent automation handles monitoring, operations, and optimization to boost efficiency and cost savings while reducing your environmental footprint.

A whole new hybrid multicloud experience

NetApp offers the best of cloud without the hassle

In cloud’s next evolution, its benefits aren’t held back by complexity. And neither are IT teams. We help you use the clouds you want, the way you want, while optimizing for cost, risk, efficiency, and sustainability—automatically. Cross-cloud application and data consistency eliminates lock-in. No chaos, just agility, flexibility, and freedom-fueled innovation.

Unified operations, simplified experience

NetApp unifies hybrid multicloud operations, so you don’t need countless specialists for each environment. With open source, open architectures and APIs, microservices, and common capabilities and data services, you can create applications that run anywhere—without getting bogged down in complexity.

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Consistency and innovation, hand in hand

In the evolved cloud, you need to move fast and constantly innovate. Doing that requires flexibility and consistency. With a common storage foundation, NetApp makes moving data and applications between environments seamless. Developers can build where they want, and applications can be deployed anywhere. We remove barriers to adopting new technologies, so innovation never skips a beat.

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Protection and security, everywhere

Forget the whack-a-mole security experience. NetApp unifies monitoring, data protection, security, governance, and compliance for total cyber resilience—with consistency and automation across every environment. Sleep better knowing that data and resources are covered with built-in—versus bolted-on—protection.

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Save money, automatically

There’s no room for error in balancing opex and capex or managing your cloud bill. NetApp uses AI-driven automation for continuous optimization. Applications get what they need, and data gets stored at the lowest possible cost—even stateless and stateful Kubernetes applications. No need for multiple dashboards or a PhD in public cloud billing.

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Tackle sustainability with data and powerful tools

Go all-in on shrinking IT’s environmental footprint. We make it easy to move on-premises storage to inherently greener public clouds. NetApp has industry-leading tools to audit consumption, locate waste, and set guardrails to stop overprovisioning. Reduce carbon emissions and save money.

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NetApp services built for the evolved cloud

Our infrastructure, data, and application services are hybrid multicloud by design to deliver a unified experience no matter what your environment looks like. And unlike walled gardens and hyperconverged platforms, they integrate with the big clouds’ rich services.

NetApp BlueXP

Unify hybrid multicloud operations with a single control plane and set of APIs. SaaS-delivered storage and data services offer integrated monitoring and protection, powerful automation, and flexible consumption options.

Spot by NetApp

Make CloudOps easier with infrastructure automation to improve performance and continually optimize costs. Easily adopt open-source cloud-native database technologies and migrate quickly from older platforms.

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More evolved cloud goodness

Evolved cloud FAQ

How does evolved cloud work?

Evolved cloud is a hybrid multicloud approach that makes it easy to integrate and manage disparate environments, apply common policies and processes across them, and move applications or data between them. A unified management plane uses abstraction to enable consistent hybrid multicloud operations with complete observability. Automation handles monitoring, operations, and optimization to boost efficiency, save costs, and minimize environmental impact.

What is a cloud management plane?

A hybrid multicloud management plane makes it easy to create a consistent operational experience with total visibility across data centers and multiple clouds.

Why use multicloud automation?

Using automation across clouds can reduce manual processes for managing resources, boost efficiency and cost savings, and set sustainability guardrails.

How do I get multicloud security?

NetApp makes hybrid multicloud security easy with a consistent approach to cyber resilience including data and resource protection, governance, and compliance. Automated monitoring can detect and deflect threats like ransomware, so you don’t have to hover over dashboards 24/7.

How do I manage hybrid multicloud costs?

NetApp helps you automate and optimize infrastructure so that applications have the right storage and resources at the lowest possible cost without complex and burdensome manual processes.

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