IBM Fibre Channel TapeSAN with Cisco


Data ONTAP 7.1 and 7.0 Solution Information

The IBM solutions for fibre channel TapeSAN are listed below. All components are described in the table below. For information about Brocade SAN configuration, please visit our Cisco switch page.

Data ONTAP7.0 and 7.1
PlatformsNetApp platforms: F800, FAS900 Series, FAS270
V-Series (formerly gFiler): GF825, GF900 Series
NearStore: R100, R150, R200
Adapter CardsQlogic 2342
SwitchCisco 9120 , 9140 (min fw 1.3(4a))
Cisco 9216 (min fw 1.3(4a))
Cisco 9506, 9509 (min fw 1.3(4a))

IBM 3584

media changermin fw 2640
tape devicesIBM FC LTOmin fw 25D4
IBM FC LTO 2min fw 38D0
  • The IBM 3584 has eight standalone FC LTO drives which requires separate connections to the switch.
  • The media changer usually is configured with Drive 0, but it is not necessary to have the media changer on Drive 0.
NDMP Applications
  • Veritas: NetBackup 5.0 and NDMP module
General Notes
  • When configuring Veritas or Legato, make sure media type is HCART and not DLT. The library is DLT type, but not the media itself.