OpenStack Summit

Barcelona, Spain

25 – 28 October, 2016

Join us at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona

See why NetApp is the leading OpenStack enterprise storage vendor!

Come learn how to accelerate your DevOps application workflow with the leading portfolio of OpenStack enabled storage solutions. NetApp makes it easy to deploy OpenStack storage and manage your data in Cinder, Swift or Manila data services.

Learn more about NetApp solutions for OpenStack Cloud, SolidFire and OpenStack

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Marketplace Expo Hours
Monday, October 245:00PM – 7:00PM
Tuesday, October 2510:45AM – 6:10PM
Wednesday, October 2610:45AM – 6:10PM
Thursday, October 279:00AM – 4:15PM


3-2-1, Action - Running OpenStack Shared File System Service in Production

Project Updates track

Tuesday, October 25, 5:05pm-5:45pm

As OpenStack's Shared File System Service is getting more and more adoption as one of top leading emerging projects in OpenStack deployments (according to the last OpenStack foundation user survey), we would like to share some of the key customers use cases such as DevOps, Containers and Enterprise Applications as well review the latest Newton release project updates towards delivering a production-grade deployments.

Speakers: Anika Suri/NetApp

What's new in OpenStack File Share Services

Storage track

Thursday, October 27, 5:30pm-6:10pm

Manila provides multi-tenant file-share services to OpenStack. It can work with default storage types, or through its driver model, with a range of storage backends. The ability to provide file-shares to serve existing applications, containers, DevOps environments, departmental shares, and other use cases broadens OpenStack's storage capabilities. As a result, with OpenStack rolling out in high-profile enterprises, Manila is rapidly gaining momentum with new features. Over the last cycle, the community has worked on a number of useful enhancements, including an updated installer for Fuel. Topics covered will include:

  • Share Groups for performing tasks on groups of file shares
  • Enhanced snapshot restoration capabilities
  • Share migration and retyping capabilities
  • Access Groups for shares to specify the same access policies to multiple shares
  • Deployment using the Fuel plugin for Manila
  • And more.
    Multiple demos will be included!

Speaker: Akshai Parthasarathy/NetApp & Gregory Elkinbard/Mirantis

Manila share data does not simply move and protect itself, oh wait, it does!

Storage track

Thursday, October 27, 4:40pm-5:20pm

Typical datacenters comprise of products from multiple storage vendors, and usually no two products behave the same. Thus, operators often rely on complex scripts and tools to move data, provide high availability and protect it from disasters. As a multi-storage abstraction, OpenStack Manila is invested in addressing such requirements through a consistent API to avoid vendor lock-in.

We have made tremendous progress with features such as Migration and Replication, and a new service that can handle data plane operations and assist in moving data between shared file systems. We enhanced the design of storage availability zones as failure domains and allowed for them to be consistent with Nova and Neutron availability zones.

We will discuss use cases and demonstrate the use of these features while indicating best practices and troubleshooting tips that might come in handy when using both these features in your data center. Well also discuss the roadmap for these features

Speaker: Goutham Ravi/NetApp & Rodrigo Barbieri/Hitachi Data Systems

API Microversions for Operators: What? Why? And How?

Ops Tools track

Tuesday, October 25, 5:55pm-6:35pm

Are API microversions Good, or are they Evil? Should they be embraced, or shunned? What in the world should I do about them? Get insight into the API microversion feature in OpenStack from two developers who implemented them in Cinder and Manila. Scott and Clinton will explain What microversions are with examples. They will walk through use cases and help to answer the questions around Why a developer or operator might use them, or even care. They will demonstrate How to use them with clients or directly with the API in order to access new features or remain with older behavior.

Speakers: Clinton Knight/NetApp & Scott D'Angelo/HP Enterprise

Understanding Cinder Performance in an OpenStack environment

Storage track

Thursday, October 27, 3:30pm-4:10pm

We will present our findings around storage performance for QEMU/KVM. We look at hypervisor and VM storage tuning variables. The number of VMs per host and different methods to connect storage to an instance and their impact on storage performance. We will also look at Cinder API performance for a large number of provisioning requests and other operations.

Speakers: Ed Balduf/NetApp, John Griffith/NetApp, David Black/NetApp