Enterprise applications: Get back to innovating

Spoiler alert—you don’t need to choose between modernized infrastructure and a simple, consistent hybrid multicloud experience. Seamlessly store, secure, manage, and leverage data wherever it lives. No all-consuming complexity, just pure digital transformation. Your competition should be worried.

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Revolutionize your enterprise application strategy

The secret to flexible, responsive, resilient operations? Pairing modernized infrastructure and high data availability.

Run traditional applications on premises or migrate to the cloud. We’ll maximize performance. And efficiency. And scalability. Cue applause.

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Power SAP environments

Deliver projects faster, more efficiently, and with less risk. We’ll get you to the cloud with Azure NetApp Files on your terms—with consistency across environments.

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Modernize Oracle databases

Our deep integration with the biggest public clouds enables a quicker time to market, more consistent user experience, and faster project delivery. See innovation go into warp drive.

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Optimize SQL Server workloads

Get the most out of your data on premises or in your clouds of choice. We’ll help your business grow, make quick decisions, and deliver consistency everywhere.

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Only the best for your enterprise applications

    • 99.9999% plus
    • data availability
    • 40%
    • faster time to bring SAP applications to market
    • 60x
    • faster Oracle database backups

NetApp and VMware

Modernize your hybrid multicloud for any workload, anywhere

Give your virtualized data center the best of hybrid multicloud with natively integrated VMware solutions. With a consistent operational experience, you get better performance, decreased latencies, and lower storage costs. And never worry about redesigning infrastructure for containerized applications or refactoring for cloud compatibility.

Hybrid cloud simplicity—no compromise required

Getting data where, when, and how you need it—protected and cost-optimized—isn’t negotiable. Our unified hybrid approach to storage and data management removes barriers between on-premises and cloud environments. Build a data fabric to get a consistent experience and a happy IT team.

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Industry-leading data management software

Manage data wherever it lives and get consistent operations plus built-in data protection. No need for redundant processes.

Enterprise hybrid cloud data protection

Deploy powerful data protection without sacrificing performance. Stop threats, detect attacks quickly, and minimize downtime and data loss.

Storage provisioning and data management for Kubernetes

Manage storage and provision data for stateful cloud-native applications. Give them the infrastructure they deserve.

Take control of costs with full visibility and smart cloud choices

Modern hybrid cloud infrastructures get complex—and costly—fast. With clear visibility across your entire hybrid cloud environment, you can root out inefficiencies and waste that are hiding in the shadows. Then use the cloud to shrink your data footprint, tier cold data, and achieve significant cost savings. Resource management level: expert.

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Drop cloud compute costs by up to 90%

The Spot by NetApp® portfolio automates cloud infrastructure to improve performance, reduce complexity, and continually optimize.

Save on enterprise applications

Tell us about your SAP and Oracle environments. We’ll give you a personalized savings report to share with your team.

Get more cloud for less cost

If cloud costs are biting your bottom line, it's time to optimize. Rein in those high cloud bills ASAP.

Maximum financial flexibility, minimum business risk

How can you do more with less while still delivering digital transformation? Our hybrid cloud storage-as-a-service offerings free up cash flow so you stay flexible and agile. With the NetApp Keystone® portfolio, you pay less cash up front for infrastructure and still get a seamless experience and amazing services.

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Innovation, a la carte

We’re constantly innovating, dishing out new ideas, and celebrating big announcements. Here’s the latest and greatest on some of our favorite topics.

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Push digital transformation forward

Wherever your applications and data live, we’re ready to help you create a winning strategy and build your data fabric. Get more out of your databases with our solutions for enterprise applications in hybrid cloud.

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