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Containers and Kubernetes have revolutionized the way we think about applications. Whether it's developing, deploying or running mission-critical workloads at scale, Kubernetes promises admins with rapid-scale out without compromising on reliability. In Trident, NetApp has built a cloud native open-source volume plugin that revolutionizes storage consumption for Kubernetes from the ground up. Astra is NetApp's next-gen service for Kubernetes application management. Learn what NetApp is doing in the Kubernetes space, with curated solutions such as Trident and Astra, designed to simplify and elevate your Kubernetes experience.

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Key takeaways

Designed for cloud native applications, Trident delivers no-touch and reliable dynamic storage provisioning that is required from traditional enterprise storage but built from the ground up for Kubernetes:

  • Support a wide range of features such as snapshots, clones and volume expansion
  • Support the largest set of deployments including on prem, most popular public cloud services or hybrid cloud
  • Astra is a fully managed service that handles application data lifecycle management across multiple clouds
  • Keep tabs on all Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds and manage applications with ease
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Bala RameshBabu

Technical Marketing Engineer for Trident

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