Overland (FCO3) Fibre Channel TapeSAN Solution for Brocade


    Data ONTAP™ 7.0 and 7.1.x Solution Information

    Overland/Brocade TapeSAN Solutions for:

    The Overland solutions for fibre channel tapeSAN are listed below. All components are described in the table below. For information about switch configurations, please visit our Brocade switch page.

    Data ONTAP7.0 and 7.1.x
    PlatformsNetApp platforms: F800, & FAS900 Series, FAS270, FAS250
    V-Series (formerly gFiler): GF825, GF900 Series
    NearStore: R100, R150, R200
    Adapter CardsQlogic 2342
    SwitchesBrocade 2250, 2400, 2800, 6400 (min fw2 .4.1c)
    Brocade 3200, 3800 (min fw3 .0.2c)
    Brocade 3900 (min fw4 .0.2c)
    Brocade 12000 (min fw4 .0.0c)
    Brocade 3250, 3850, 24000 (min fw4 .2.0b)

    Neo 8000

    media changermin fw 3.08
    tape devicesHP LTO2
    HP LTO3 FC
    min fw F5AH
    Min G24H
    Min L25H
    bridgeFCO2 VIA cardmin fw 2.20

    Neo 2000/4000

    media changermin fw 4.25
    tape devicesHP LTO2min fw F5AH
    bridgeFCO2 VIA cardmin fw 2.20
    NDMP AppsVeritas Netbackup 5.1
    NotesFor FAS250 copper connectivity please refer to this document .