NetApp Platform Support


    The following table describes which adapters can be used with which platforms for the TapeSAN solutions. Slot information for specific platforms can be found in the Data ONTAP™ system configuration guide for a particular release.

     Description700 Series800 SeriesFAS900 SeriesNearStore SeriesGateway SeriesFAS270FAS3000 Series
    Fibre AdapterX2041A- QL22001 copperYY*     
    X2043A- QL22001 opticalYY*     
    X2045A- QL22122 opticalYY*     
    X2051A - QL23422 optical YYYY Y
    Integrated QL23421 optical     Y** 
    Integrated QL23224 optical      Y
    TapeSAN First Supported in Data ONTAP
    Note: Specific Slot information can be viewed in the system configuration guide.

    * These cards can only be used with the Brocade TapeSAN solutions. McData TapeSAN solutions require the QL2342.

    ** The integrated QL2342 on the FAS270 will run TapeSAN independent of FCP—thus both cannot be running at the same time. See below or the flyer included in the FAS270 box for specifics.

    NetApp Platform Configuration

    • Up to 15 NetApp platforms per switch.
    • Up to 64 tape devices per switch.
    • Up to 16 media changers per switch


    • Tape drive aliases must be identical if you are using multiple NetApp platforms in a Fibre Channel SAN.
    • NetApp platforms and tape libraries must be in the same zone if a device outside of this solution is connected to the Fibre Channel switch.
    • Fibre Channel fabric overlapping zones is supported on the above configurations for those backup applications that take advantage of it for such things as drive sharing.
    • The Brocade Fibre Channel switch must be configured in full fabric mode with Quick Loop disabled.

    FAS270 TapeSAN Configuration Notes

    The FAS270 has an integrated qlogic2342 in it which can be used for TapeSAN purposes.

    Make sure FAS270 is running CFE version 1.2.0.
    Make sure system is running ONTAP 6.5.

    If No FCP license is installed and Tape SAN not configured:

    The FAS270 has an integrated qlogic2342 in it which can be used for TapeSAN purposes. Make sure FAS270 is running CFE version 1.2.0.Make sure system is running ONTAP 6.5.

    1. If there is no fcp license on the system and tape SAN is not configured, Adapter 0c will be in an offline state once the system is booted.
    2. Enable the 0c adapter using "storage enable adapter 0c"  
    3. Once adapter is enabled, Tapes will be visible.

    If FCP is licensed:

    1. Unlicense fcp using "license fcp delete"
    2. Reboot the system.
    3. Make sure proper connection to the Tapesan is attached.
    4. Once system is rebooted, Tapesan adapter will be visible as 0c but will be in a offline state.
    5. Enable the adapter using "storage enable adapter 0c"
    6. Once adapter is enabled, tape will be visible.