StorageGRID Healthcare Solution

    NetApp StorageGRID Healthcare solution protects patient data for multisite healthcare organizations and IDNs.

    The NetApp® StorageGRID® solution for healthcare provides intelligent data management for large pools of patient data. You can store and share medical records across healthcare facilities, and automate clinician workflow. The NetApp StorageGRID solution provides consistent, reliable data access, business continuity, and disaster recovery in multisite disk and tape storage environments.

    StorageGRID scales to store petabytes of data in a single, global (object) namespace, and lets you create massively scalable, multi-site/multi-tenant content repositories. 

    NetApp StorageGRID protects patient data using encryption and digital fingerprinting, minimizing data corruption and tampering and helping you comply with healthcare regulations.

    Learn how the NetApp StorageGRID object-based storage solution can help you intelligently manage healthcare data.