Contracted Delivery Partners Training

NetApp University offers certification training for Contracted Delivery Partners.

CDP Program Elements

  • In-depth evaluation selection process to collect partner skills, service offering capabilities and PS Practice alignment
  • Master CDP Contract, with accompanying guidelines.
  • Development Plan created by the partner and the partner manager to promote synergy and strengthen the partner relationship
  • An Incentives & Rewards Program In recognition of high quality service delivery
  • Global partner locator search tool to give the partner unlimited exposure into NetApp

CDP Certification Requirements

  • All CDPs with a current NACE certification will be required to be certified at the NCDA level within 9 months of the signing of the CDP contract. However, it is highly recommended that NCDA certification status be achieved as soon as possible.
  • NOTE: The only requirements to become NCDA certified are to successfully pass exams NSO153 & NS0163.
  • All CDPs with an expired NACE certification are required to be certified at the NCDA level as soon as possible. No exceptions!
  • All new CDPs entering into the Program are required to be certified at the NCDA level
  • A CDP may be required to take additional specialty training to meet the requirements of one or more of the PS Practice.