SAP HANA calculators: Size and save with NetApp

Routine operations and data protection become increasingly burdensome and costly as SAP landscapes grow. To address these concerns, we recommend trying this enlightening exercise: input a few numbers into our calculators, and poof! Receive a ballpark estimate of the sizing requirements for your SAP landscape and what you could save with NetApp SAP solutions.

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Get your ballpark estimate

You pitch your basic info, we'll hit back an estimate to help you understand your options.

The pros

Get a quick and easy estimate, so you have the info you need to get started.

The cons

Because it's quick and easy, we have to make a lot of assumptions. It's an educated guess - not an exact science.

Size your SAP landscape

How much is “a lot”? Instead of guessing, have an estimate of the capacity requirements for your SAP landscapes. Just input a few numbers and we will send you a personalized savings report.

Calculate your potential savings

Potential savings are just a few clicks away. Enter 6 simple numbers that portray your environment and discover how much you could potentially save with NetApp snapshot technology. Then receive a personalized report of these savings that you can share with your team.

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Are you ready to start saving?

Now that you have your ballpark estimate, you probably have some questions. Our SAP solution specialists have answers - not sales pitches. Connect with our specialists for 1:1 SAP coaching and start saving across your environment.

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