Implementing an intelligent data storage strategy

    With the current explosion in data growth, estimated to be over 125% per year, businesses are struggling with spiraling storage costs and manageability issues. While the volume of data continues to grow, it is not uncommon for 80% of stored data to be infrequently accessed–that is, not touched within the prior 30 days. As a result, customers are looking for ways to reduce the quantity of data kept on expensive primary storage by moving (archiving) it to less-expensive near-line storage, where it is still accessible if required.

    Not only can archived data reside on less-expensive, but still accessible, storage, it does not need to be backed up as often or in the same way as day-to-day business-critical data. The ability to implement such an intelligent data storage strategy greatly simplifies management of the IT environment and reduces management costs (for every $1 spent on disk storage, $5 to $7 is spent managing that storage).

    Symantec™ Enterprise Vault™, the industry's premier content archiving software, offers a total archiving platform for Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus Domino, SharePoint® Portal Server, IM, and file server environments. NetApp and Symantec continually innovate to develop new points of integration and value. Coupled with NetApp storage solutions and NetApp® SnapLock® software, the joint solution:

    • Improves application performance and scale
    • Optimizes tiered storage resources with efficiency and cost-effectiveness
    • Improves use of archives for compliance and e-discovery
    • Creates a seamless environment for the end user
    • Delivers advanced data protection and security

    The NetApp and Symantec archival and compliance solutions are grouped into two categories, depending on the type of data being archived:

    Learn more about NetApp and Symantec's archive and compliance solution using Enterprise Vault. (PDF)