Powerful, affordable storage under $250 a month

    Quickly qualify for flexible financing options to get a NetApp FAS2220 storage system with low investment, high returns.

    While affordable, the FAS2200 series provides a more powerful storage platform than other systems in its class. NetApp FAS2200 data storage systems provide:
    • The most efficient, truly unified data storage
    • Tight integration with Windows, VMware to simplify management
    • Virtual Storage Tiering to accelerate application performance, efficiency
    • Automatic data movement between SSD and SATA to lower storage costs

    For midsized businesses and distributed enterprises facing explosive data growth, the FAS2200 series offers powerful, affordable, and flexible data storage. Among its advantages:

    • Frees up administrator time
    • Reduces disk purchases by 50% or more
    • Reduces provisioning time by up to 90%
    • Cuts test and development time in half

    With our simple one day qualification process and fixed rate financing, realize the immediate benefits of NetApp's FAS2220 today. And for a limited time, receive more than $2,000 in free Web-based training through NetApp University.

    Contact your NetApp sales representative for details: +1 877 263-8277 or contact your Financial Solutions Manager.