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University of São Paulo (USP)

Sets the curve for cloud in education.

The University of São Paulo (USP) is a global research powerhouse. Brazil’s largest and most prestigious public university, USP produces more doctorate degrees annually than any other university in the world and ranks fifth in the number of scientific articles published. Relentless dedication to advancing research in all areas of knowledge and accelerating the time to discovery have helped USP become one of the world’s leading research institutions.

With 150 disparate IT environments, the university struggled to meet service levels and coordinate backups across its massive and complex environment. IT costs were rising, and individual organizations could not scale quickly enough to support the growing capacity and performance requirements of their users. To maintain its prominence among the world’s most competitive and innovative institutions, USP needed a fast and flexible IT infrastructure that could stay a step ahead of users’ needs.

Provisioning new IT resources was a costly and bureaucratic process that could take up to a year to complete.

In 2012, USP embarked on one of the most ambitious cloud projects in all of Latin America. The project, now known as “Cloud USP,” would consolidate the university’s 150 data centers into 6 and bring all of its corporate, educational, and research environments together in a massive private cloud built on FlexPod.

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The University of São Paulo (USP) is at the forefront of Brazilian education and research. One of the largest and most respected institutions of higher education in Latin America and the largest public university in Brazil, USP supports a vibrant educational community with 11 campuses, over 100,000 students, 6,000 professors, and 247 undergraduate and 239 graduate programs. USP ranks fifth in the world in research output among leading global higher education institutions*. It awards an average of 2,220 doctorate degrees a year—more than any other university worldwide. USP’s pioneering and visionary efforts in education and research have helped elevate Brazil’s social, economic, and technological leadership to a global level.

* SIR Global 2013 - Rank: Output 2007-2011.​

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