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FAS Storage: Simple, secure, trusted

These hybrid-flash arrays deliver a balance of performance and capacity, paired with the industry’s leading data management software.

Why NetApp FAS Storage?

Best-in-class data management to simplify operations

Powered by NetApp® ONTAP® data management software, we can help you build a storage infrastructure that is simple, secure, and trusted. NetApp FAS Storage Arrays provide customers with a balance of performance and capacity.

Optimized for easy deployment and operations, NetApp FAS systems deliver the flexibility to handle your future growth and cloud integration. With their highly available hardware and powerful software, FAS systems cost-effectively deliver the data protection, security, and scalability to safeguard your data and drive efficient operations. Our Ransomware Recovery Guarantee is available on FAS systems, offering a cost-effective approach to cyber resilience with more protection and security.

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Recover your data - guaranteed

Your data is your most valuable asset. Trust NetApp to protect your data from ransomware attacks. If we can’t help you recover your data in the event of a ransomware attack, we will make it right.

Meet the five NetApp FAS models

Unmatched business agility, superior uptime, and certification across multiple platforms—all available in every one of the five models in the NetApp FAS series. No matter how big—or small—your business, find the perfect fit for superior data storage with a FAS model.

NetApp FAS models

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Evolve your storage environment with confidence

With NetApp Advance you get our best-in-class ownership experience for NetApp AFF, FAS, and ASA systems.

Flexibly adapt to evolving business needs

Provision storage in minutes.
Go from initial power-on to serving data in less than 10 minutes with provisioning for key business applications.

Simplify ongoing management.
Upgrade software or service storage during regular business hours with zero downtime.

Streamline operations.
Leverage one unified system for SAN, NAS, and object with proven storage efficiency.

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Secure and protect your data across your hybrid cloud

On-premises & public clouds, we have you covered  
Start small and scale nondisruptively as your data requirements grow, on premises and in the cloud.

The Best Cloud Integration
Connect effortlessly to the cloud with leading integration to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others.

Prevent problems before they affect your business
Optimize your storage environment and reduce costs with the predictive analytics and proactive care of NetApp ®   Active IQ® .

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Customer proven for diverse workloads

Secure your sensitive information 
Protect your data at rest and in transit with our portfolio of security capabilities. 

Safeguard against data loss
Efficiently replicate data and accelerate recovery with application-consistent data protection.

Eliminate business disruptions
Maintain access to data at all times during service, failures, and site disasters.

Customer proven, real-world results
IDC Whitepaper validates NetApp customers achieve six-nines availability.

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Primary use cases

From backup and recovery to content collaboration, NetApp FAS storage arrays are built to get things done.

GigaOm declares NetApp storage a leader

With three leader rankings in storage, our trophy case just got a lot more crowded.

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  FAS9500 bezel FAS8700 bezel FAS8300 bezel FAS2820 bezel FAS2750 bezel
FAS9500 FAS8700 FAS8300 FAS2820 FAS2750
Best for Designed with a modular architecture that is optimized for serviceability and availability. Ideal for consolidated environments. High capacity and performance to consolidate multiple business workloads. A wide range of midrange deployments that need a balance of capacity and performance. Midsize businesses and small enterprises that require simple deployment and operations. Designed with 12 internal drives, plus external storage shelves, for deployments needing high capacity. Midsize businesses and small enterprises that require simple deployment and operations. Supports 24 internal drives plus external storage shelves.
Maximum Scale-out up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs) up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs) up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs) up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs) up to 24 nodes (12 HA pairs)
Maximum Drives per HA Pair (2 nodes) 1,440 1,440 720 144 144
Maximum Raw Capacity per HA Pair 14.7PB 14.7PB 11.5PB 2.3PB 1.2PB
Controller Chassis Form factor 8U 4U 4U 2U 2U

Access detailed information on the FAS500f model.

Tech specs of previous model FAS2720 can be found here.

Software features

Harness the power of NetApp® ONTAP® to simplify and accelerate your storage environment.

Storage efficiency

Reduce costs with leading data reduction technologies and built-in configuration efficiencies.

Backup and recovery

Protect against data loss and accelerate recovery from local and regional outages.

Business continuity

Ensure your critical applications stay online with continuous data availability.

Nondisruptive operations

Eliminate business disruptions during maintenance and upgrades.

Performance and scalability

Ensure performance for consolidated workloads, and scale up or scale out capacity and performance.

Cloud integration

Automatically tier cold data to the hybrid cloud.


Avoid unauthorized data access and secure your data at rest and in transit across your hybrid cloud.


Meet strict governance and data retention policies.


See how our customers are using FAS storage arrays.

University of New Mexico

UNM's Computer Science Department relies on NetApp to conduct cutting-edge research.

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ON Semiconductor

NetApp FAS and All Flash FAS systems enable ON Semiconductor to keep manufacturing running 24/7.

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Okada Manila

Okada Manila delivers a data-driven customer experience with NetApp's hybrid flash storage solutions.

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