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Remaining compliant will never be fun. At least we make it incredibly easy. Our compliance solutions do the hard work of preventing unauthorized access, disclosure, and modification of data stored across your enterprise.

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Why NetApp compliance solutions?

Remaining compliant shouldn’t be work

You have no choice when it comes to keeping your sensitive data organized and managed to meet stringent government regulations. We get it. Which is why our comprehensive set of standards-based, simple-to-use solutions make it easy to help prevent the unauthorized access, disclosure, and modification of data stored across your enterprise. From our industry-leading data-at-rest encryption, robust authorization, access control, and logging capabilities, to AI-driven privacy compliance controls for your data stored in the cloud, NetApp helps make sure you remain as compliant as ever (plus a little extra for good measure).

Data compliance solutions

NetApp® ONTAP® data management software features robust authorization, access control, and logging capabilities. Our industry-leading, data-at-rest encryption and immutability provide you with advanced solutions to comply with data privacy regulations. And SnapLock® software helps you meet data retention regulations, such as SEC Rule 17 a-4, by creating write once, read many (WORM) volumes.

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Data compliance with StorageGRID®

StorageGRID® safeguards data transactions with secure-socket layer (SSL) endpoints, as well as encryption for data at rest, and supports read-only storage node access (WORM). Secure your intellectual property and confidential information, comply with industry and government regulations, and preserve your reputation by avoiding a publicized data security breach.

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Key benefits

Comply with data retention and security regulations.

Enforce data confidentiality and security.

Retain tamper-proof data with efficient data storage.

Ease legal e-discovery.

Secure intellectual property and confidential information.

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Our approach

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