MAX Data software: Your application turbocharger

NetApp® Memory Accelerated Data (MAX Data) software enables existing applications to make use of Intel Optane DC persistent memory without being modified or rewritten. The result? Faster-than-flash performance.

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What is NetApp MAX Data software?

The fast path to high performance and reliability

Intel Optane DC persistent memory in a server provides low-latency, solid-state memory next to the processor. Until now, it has been impossible for developers to take advantage of this promising new memory tier without rearchitecting their critical applications. 

NetApp Memory Accelerated Data (MAX Data) is a seamless, plug-and-play server software solution that enables existing applications to make use of Intel Optane DC persistent memory without being modified or rewritten. This combination of Intel Optane technology and NetApp software is a fast path to high performance and reliability for business applications that require low latency and the ability to work with large datasets in memory.

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True memory tiering

MAX Data moves beyond caching to true memory tiering for next-generation, Intel Optane DC persistent memory (Optane DC PMM). It shrinks latency to near zero, protects data without modifying your code, and drives dramatically more application workloads per server.

Faster-than-flash performance

MAX Data and Intel Optane DC persistent memory let you realize the promise of real-time data analytics. Deliver orders-of-magnitude faster transactions for business applications, which can be a game changer for industries like financial services, where faster trading results in higher revenue. Or e-commerce, where faster analytics can drive better personalization, more clicks, and increased sales.

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Ease of data management

MAX Data can automatically tier data to a NetApp® ONTAP®-based AFF system, leveraging all the data management capabilities in ONTAP, including high availability, cloning, deduplication, snapshot copies, backup, disaster recovery, and encryption.

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MAXimum efficiency

Realize lower TCO with the same performance and latency on a simpler infrastructure or smaller server counts and memory footprint. Improve Oracle database performance and reduce overall cost.

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Outstanding test results for memory-accelerated FlexPod with MAX Data software

NetApp® MAX Data wows testers with 10 times performance improvement versus all-flash systems. It offers substantial customer value that is rewriting the rules for persistent memory.

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