Integrate: Hello data fabric, goodbye data silos

Like a giant group hug, integrating your disparate, disconnected infrastructure delivers simplified management, generous cost savings, and consistency no matter where your data lives—from edge to core to cloud.

Why integrate?

Imagine you have a 40TB SAP database running in your data center, your HPC applications running on AWS, and edge data from IoT devices that are reliant upon Google Cloud. What you’ve ended up with is the storage-infrastructure equivalent of a giant bird’s nest. So, how do you untangle the clutter?

Data fabric is part method, part masterpiece. Creating an integrated work of art is all about breaking down silos. It allows you to bring together all the endpoints of your infrastructure to improve data consistency, management, and cost from edge to core to cloud.

Life’s simpler under one roof

Hybrid clouds are complex, but managing them shouldn’t eat up all your time and resources. By building a unified data architecture with an infrastructure-agnostic solution, you no longer need single-asset specialists, and all your endpoints are managed from a single plane. Streamlining administration where it counts gives back valuable time to your developers, which means they can focus on what matters most—delivering great customer experiences.

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Better storage, better price tag

Using the wrong cloud storage tier or storage type for your workloads can cost a pretty penny. A unified edge-core-cloud control plane means less extraneous redundancy; and less redundancy means fewer superfluous costs. Instead, adopt solutions that allow you to move your data where it needs to be—only when it needs to be there. By integrating your data center with your cloud (and edge), you gain visibility and low-touch management—without the bird’s nest. Plus, you decide how much control you want, without losing the efficiency of a unified stack.

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Nothing lost in translation

When your applications become siloed and can’t share data, reporting and insights become inconsistent. This state not only impacts business decisions, but also makes automating, optimizing, and protecting your data fabric a taller order. Your goal is to connect your environment so that you are in an optimal state to employ strategies like automation. Obstacles will still arise, but you’ll be able to adapt with unprecedented freedom.

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Find your balance

The next frontier of hybrid cloud is here—and pioneering enterprises like yours have the freedom to decide what the future of infrastructure looks like. IDC predicts that 70% of all apps will be net-new cloud-native by 2024, and the number of apps in edge environments will grow by 800% in the next three years.

Did you get that? 800%! To remain competitive, grab your storage by the cables and build a data fabric the future demands. And there’s no right answer. It’s up to you to adopt the right tools to build that “What if?” infrastructure of your dreams.

Hybrid cloud isn’t about having the shiniest, newest toy—it’s about having the most efficient environment, as a part of a larger storage infrastructure ecosystem, to run your applications. It’s also about having the freedom to decide where and when you place your workloads according to their needs.

When you build your data fabric with NetApp, you integrate all the endpoints of your infrastructure in the most efficient, secure, and effective way possible. Our industry-leading technology and partnerships with the world's biggest clouds provide a consistent set of storage services that ensures predictability, data consistency, and simplified management.

With NetApp, you get all of the performance characteristics to give you an on-premises-like experience (low latency, high availability, high performance, etc.), including backup and replication abilities.

You choose how you connect your infrastructure; we’ll give you the tools to build it well.

Featured customer story

Siemens Healthineers has been an innovator in healthcare device manufacturing for more than 120 years. Today, on the strength of its integrated data fabric built by NetApp, the company is leading a cloud revolution that emphasizes flexibility and scalability.

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The beauty is you don’t need to have a special skill managing Cloud Volumes ONTAP because you have an existing team who can handle the same stuff in the cloud.

Santhanakannan Ramasamy | IT Strategy and Digitalization Solution Architect, Siemens Healthineers

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Integrate products

Below you’ll find a range of NetApp integration products that support greater levels of workload portability, consumption-based usage, highly dynamic agile applications, and digital transformation programs… while also addressing cost and security compliance requirements.

Cloud Volumes Platform: Your data fabric HQ

NetApp® Cloud Volumes Platform is an integrative set of innovative storage infrastructures and intelligent data services, deployed and managed on your choice of cloud through an advanced API-driven control plane with comprehensive oversight. Leverage consumption-based pricing models while eliminating siloed operations and performance and latency issues found with other cloud storage services.

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Leave the administrating to Keystone

NetApp® Keystone provides a portfolio of payment solutions and storage-as-a-service offerings for hybrid cloud environments to deliver greater agility, financial flexibility, and reduced financial risk spanning from the data center to the cloud. With the right mix of payment, subscription, and usage-based services, it’s just what you need to stop administrating and start innovating.

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Cloud Sync: You like to move it, move it

Cloud Sync is a NetApp service for rapid and secure data synchronization. Whether you need to transfer files between on-premises NFS or CIFS file shares, Amazon S3 object format, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud Object Storage or NetApp StorageGRID® Webscale appliance, Cloud Sync moves the files where you need them quickly and securely.

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Cloud Volumes Edge Cache

Centralized storage, data protection, infrastructure monitoring, and edge caching for your distributed workforce.

NetApp Cloud Manager

A centralized control plane to manage, monitor, and automate data across your hybrid cloud.

NetApp Cloud Backup Service

Seamless and cost-effective backup and restore capabilities for wherever your ONTAP data lives.

Additional resources

What else should you know about integrating your data fabric? Plenty. From blog posts and customer stories to white papers and checklists, our goal is to make it simple for you to become an integration expert and use that knowledge to drive innovation across your organization.

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Let’s build your data fabric

Helping customers build their data fabric is what we do. We can’t wait to learn more about where you are today and where you want to go. Rest assured, together we’ll build the data fabric that will get you there.

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A recipe for innovation

Well-organized data allows you to provide a continuously improving customer experience. The award-winning recipe? A robust data fabric comprised of the six capabilities below. Partner with NetApp to rein in, consolidate, de-silo, and organize everything that matters from edge to core to cloud.

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From storage to data, gain the visibility to monitor availability, performance, and usage across your entire system.

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Seamlessly integrate your data fabric to make it simple and consistent to access your data wherever and whenever.

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Reduce the number of manual tasks so you have more time to focus on things that deliver more value.

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Cost, performance, or both, continuously optimize the infrastructure you have today and tomorrow.

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Simplify end-to-end data protection in the event of an outage, disaster, or ransomware attack.

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Confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data is easy when it’s driven by sophisticated AI.

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