Discover: Data fabric’s visibility cloak

With the right discovery tools built into your data fabric, you immediately know what you have and what you need. Issues are resolved before they can trip you up, and you won’t smack headfirst into out-of-control storage spending.

Why discover?

Collecting detailed metrics and configuration information from multiple vendors across hundreds of different devices can be dizzying. That said, it’s necessary to know if your edge-core-cloud infrastructure resources are properly sized, utilized, and configured. In turn, you can map those attributes to cost. But how do you do it without getting seasick?

With a platform-agnostic monitoring tool, you can take a more strategic approach to discovering what you have and understanding what you need. Once you have visibility into your disparate environments, you can start building a more unified infrastructure that supports automation, rapid development, positive user experiences, and airtight security and compliance.

When you know, you know

Discovery begins with identifying all assets across your entire infrastructure, including idle VMs and orphaned resources. The intuitive interfaces and rich, customizable dashboards of our monitoring tools enable you to quickly access and analyze crucial data about system performance, usage, and other variables—turning tedious manual tasks into information. This end-to-end visibility into all your environments reveals exactly what you have so that you can begin to build (or fine tune) the architecture you need.

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Outsmart issues before they become headaches

NetApp monitoring tools are designed so you can easily view relationships between resources, identify correlations, and spot greedy applications or degraded resources in a single platform. Understanding these correlations helps you quickly identify what’s gone awry and how it’s affecting other resources in your infrastructure. By setting policies to create alerts, you can proactively prevent failures and reduce mean time to resolution by up to 90%.

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Overspending is for oligarchs

As you identify and troubleshoot your environment, you also want to make sure that you’re not overprovisioning and spending more than needed. Our optimization tools use AI and advanced analytics to provide visibility into your infrastructure usage, quickly identifying areas where costs and consumption can be optimized. In just a few clicks, you can implement changes based on those actionable recommendations to reduce costs and increase ROI.

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Continuous discovery for the continuous win

Far from a one-and-done scenario, intelligent discovery is about creating continuous visibility that paves the road for greater security, availability, and performance—and doing it all with costs in mind. Effective monitoring tools enable you to recognize trends in the virtual environment and to plan for growth.

Step one of discovery is canvassing your environment—uncovering everything you have across your data centers and cloud, turning over every rock to find shadow IT, and orphaned resources. The key is setting up your environments for continuous discovery. Tagging and consistent taxonomies are essential to any monitoring strategy, as is the ability to create a variety of dashboards that offer the right person the right overview to make (the right) decisions, answer big questions, and generate reports.

Automated monitoring tools built into your data fabric help you meet the challenges of a burgeoning hybrid ecosystem by drastically cutting down the number of control planes used to monitor and manage your infrastructure.

Continuous discovery delivers insights into your infrastructure that you didn't think that you could get from the data itself. And the best part? You don't need a baker’s dozen of control panels to do it.

Featured customer story

With all their games running on AWS and hundreds of engineers spinning up servers at will, mobile gaming company Wildlife Studios switched on Spot Cloud Analyzer by NetApp® to help them reign in their skyrocketing cloud spend by understanding what exactly was being spent and by which teams.

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Spot by NetApp’s suite of cloud cost management solutions not only delivers visibility into what we are spending for each game, but also clarity into the most cost-effective path to actually optimizing our spend.

Bruno Farha | Engineering Operations Manager, Wildlife Studios

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Discover products

The road to optimization is paved with discovery. Our industry-leading products supercharge continuous discovery across your organization, so you always know what you have, can keep issues from becoming problems, and can stop hybrid cloud costs from spiraling out of control.

Cloud Insights: Peel back the curtain

NetApp® Cloud Insights can discover almost anything in your environment across data center and cloud. Easy-to-configure data collectors gather information from data centers, cloud providers, applications, and more—in seconds. Plus, customizable, in-depth dashboards deliver real-time visibility across your entire hybrid cloud environment. Start your free 30-day trial today.

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Cloud Analyzer: A therapy couch for your data

Spot Cloud Analyzer by NetApp® is a cloud infrastructure management solution that uses advanced analytics to map your entire cloud infrastructure and deliver comprehensive insights into costs and usage across all your cloud accounts. In addition to showing your cloud efficiency, Cloud Analyzer identifies your best opportunities to reduce cloud costs and tracks your results over time.

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Active IQ: A smarter data fabric awaits

NetApp® Active IQ® Digital Advisor simplifies the proactive care and optimization of your NetApp storage. It uses advanced AI and ML techniques to uncover opportunities to reduce risk and improve the performance and efficiency of your NetApp storage environment. Actionable intelligence simplifies storage administration and leads to higher availability, improved security, and higher-performing storage.

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NetApp Cloud Volumes platform

Integrated storage and data services, deployed and managed on your choice of cloud.

NetApp Cloud Data Sense

Automated controls and reporting to help you find anything, anywhere, anytime.

Spot Ocean by NetApp

Deliver hands-free infrastructure for cloud-native applications at 90% lower cost.

Additional resources

What else is there you should know about discovery? Plenty. From blog posts and customer stories to white papers and checklists, our goal is to make it simple for you to become a discovery expert and use that knowledge to drive innovation across your organization.

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Discover Image

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A recipe for innovation

Well-organized data allows you to provide a continuously improving customer experience. The award-winning recipe? A robust data fabric comprised of the six capabilities below. Partner with NetApp to rein in, consolidate, de-silo, and organize everything that matters from edge to core to cloud.

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From storage to data, gain the visibility to monitor availability, performance, and usage across your entire system.

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Seamlessly integrate your data fabric to make it simple and consistent to access your data wherever and whenever.

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Reduce the number of manual tasks so you have more time to focus on things that deliver more value.

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Cost, performance, or both, continuously optimize the infrastructure you have today and tomorrow.

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Simplify end-to-end data protection in the event of an outage, disaster, or ransomware attack.

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Confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your data is easy when it’s driven by sophisticated AI.

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