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ONTAP Data security: Your end-to-end data fortress

Bad actors hate proactive security postures. Industry-leading NetApp® ONTAP® software includes over 30 advanced data security features that help protect your company’s data, remain compliant, and ruin a cybercriminal’s day.

Why NetApp ONTAP for data security?

Comprehensive protection for your most valuable asset

As you surely know, every day the cyberthreat landscape becomes more sophisticated and dangerous, putting your company’s data at ever-greater risk. Thankfully, we have just the answer.

The latest release of ONTAP data management software contains over 30 invaluable security features. It helps you enhance data confidentiality, integrity, and availability, while strengthening your company’s overall security posture. In addition, automatically protect your data from ransomware attacks and avoid paying ransoms, meet compliance requirements with ease, and create a Zero Trust perimeter around your organization’s data—no matter where it lives.

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The ONTAP environment is loaded with the latest must-have security features for your organization to properly protect its data, on your premises, in the public cloud, and in transit.

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